IMG_0291Does anybody fully understand blogging yet. I’m not sure I do and I started blogging in 2008, it’s now 2014 I grant you but still it’s been a while. I must admit I haven’t really been trying and given my refusal to use photographs in Spiralbound Notebooks well I can say I mustn’t have been trying very hard, under the illusion I was a written word purist. Oh well here it all goes again with my new wordpress site. Though I must say it feels different vibrant communicative, audience are you out there? There there there there there……….. (that was a literal representation of an echo).

Spiralbound Notebooks

Started by me ten years ago. It offers some very random documentation of my life. Yes it does.


It’s the new kid on the block that I’ve set up and not fully committed to yet. It’s all about Healing, Community & The Built Environment.

The Happy Break Up

Scottish Independence. Was it only every just a dream.


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