Projects Biography

10379806_295534697287044_7556963450903828961_oJan 2017 Sales Manager, Art Africa, Cape Town

Mar 2017 Project Manager, Art Africa Fair, The Watershed, Cape Town

Jan  2016 Curator, Open House Exhibitions: Area 5, Cape Town

Sep 2014 Curator, Open House Exhibitions: Area 4, Pretoria, RSA

Jul 2014  Curator, Brother Laurence Launch Party, Pretoria, RSA

Jun 2014 Curator, Open House Exhibitions: Area 3, Pretoria, RSA

Jun 2014 Curator, Pretoria Street Photography, Academia de Espanol, Pretoria, RSA

May 2014 Curator, Capital Arts Revolution, Pretoria, RSA

Apr 2014 Curator, Open House Exhibitions: Area 2, Pretoria, RSA

Feb 2014 Curator, Open House Exhibitions: Area 1, Pretoria, RSA

Jun 2013 Artist, Gaslighting, CMR & Freedom From Torture, Redruth, Cornwall, UK

Sep 2013 Blogger, The Happy Break Up

Feb 2013 Singer/Songwriter, Ryn a collection contemporary folk songs.

Nov 2012 Poet, Parabola Project: Volume III Horizons, Cornwall, UK

Sept 2012 Curator, Reclamation, Gallery 49, Falmouth, UK

Jul 2012 Writer & Actor, Trifle Gathering Productions, Flamouth, Cornwall, UK

Jun 2012 Performance, Tim Shaw Solstice Party, Spargo, Cornwall, UK

May 2012 Media Spokesperson, Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance, Conrwall, UK

May 2012 Committee Member, Penryn Arts Festival, Penryn, Cornwall, UK

Apr 2012 Founder Olive Branch Community Café, Penryn, Cornwall, UK

Feb 2012 Founder Olive Branch Community Stall, Penryn, Cornwall, UK

Jan 2012 Artist Manager, Michelle Anderson, Cornwall, UK

Dec 2011 Interviewee, BBC Radio Cornwall & West Briton, Cornwall, UK

Aug 2011 Writer & Youth Worker, Paper Works, WILD, St Austell, Cornwall, UK

Jun 2011 Lecture, Industrial to Creative, ISA, Penryn, Cornwall, UK

Apr 2011 Performance, Abducted By Humans, St Ives Arts Club, St Ives, Cornwall, UK

Feb 2011 Co-founder & Curator, The Independent School of Art (ISA), Cornwall, UK

Jan 2011 Vice-Chair, Arts Alive, Penryn, Cornwall, UK

Jan 2011 Producer, Hear My Voice, Radio Documentary, Cornwall, UK

Oct 2010 Performance, The Dark Gathering, Trifle Gathering Productions, Cornwall, UK

Jul 2010 Invigilator, Museum of Folk, Port Elliot Literary Festival, Cornwall, UK

Jun 2010 Storyteller, Telltales, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

May 2010 Performance, Abducted by Humans, St Ives Literary Festival, Cornwall, UK

Apr 2010 Voiceover, The Big Pitcher, Cornwall Film Festival, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

May 2009 Artist Assistant, Big Cash Prizes, Belle Benfield, Cornwall, UK

Mar 2009 Presenter & Producer, Stones Throw, The Source fm, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Jan 2009 Co-Founder, Palestine Cornwall, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Aug 2008 Blogger, Spiral Bound Notebooks, UK/RSA

Oct 2008 Sound Engineer, Cheap Food, Cornwall Film Festival, Falmouth, UK

Jun 2007 Co-founder and Chair, Falmouth Wharves Community, Falmouth, UK



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